AndMark is a company located in Gjøvik, Norway. Our vision is to deliver quality products and services to our customers.

AndMark consists of Markus Brovold (left) and Anders Hagebakken

Both have a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from Gjøvik Community College, and a Masters degree in Computer Science from NTNU Gjøvik.

What do we offer?

Our expertise and competitive prices make sure your needs are taken care of. The top priority to us is that our customers are pleased with what we deliver.

Server and services

We can develop and maintain different servers and services.


Everything from single landing pages to complex web applications


We develop native apps for iOS and Android, and any neccescary services such as server and social integration


We can turn your idea and concept into a game


iOS and Android
Software (JavaFX, QT)
Web (AngluarJS, Bootstrap)
Big Data (Processing and storage)
Machine learning
Server technology (Node, Nginx, Apache/PHP, Parse)
Databases (SQL, MongoDB, Cassandra)
Augmented Reality
integration of third party services (Such as SMS-gateways, Google-tjenester)
Game development and gamification

Do you require something that is not in the list? Get in touch, we might be able to help you anyway!


Get in touch!
We want to help you to realize your ideas

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